No shortcuts

Apr 20 2020

I love the authenticity and sincerity of the scene in the “The Bible” mini-series when Jesus meets Peter. First, Jesus walks in water to the boat. Then Jesus reaches out his hand for Peter’s help to climb aboard.

The Bible: Jesus meets Peter

“The Bible” mini-series: Jesus Meets Peter

With so much said and sung about Jesus walking on water, what a great reminder of the fact that Jesus normally walked through water.++

Jesus walked in water with every brief trip to the shores of Lake Galilee and with every lengthy trip to Jerusalem through the fords of the Jordan River.

A trip to Jerusalem with holiday crowds would have been a great venue for walking on water or parting the river. I’m sure that the crowds would have appreciated the shortcut.

Judging from the reaction of his family and the crowds, Jesus’ experience at least when it came to traveling was fairly normal, like ours. No shortcuts.

As we follow Jesus’ experience, we will walk through a lot of water with him. In the long run, that may even be more significant for us.

++ Jesus would be awfully difficult to baptize if he didn’t sink occasionally. 🙂

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