No Shortcuts Revisited

Jul 28 2020

Listen to a conversation about Jesus’ experience. Assumptions abound like the fact that life was easier for Jesus.

In Torah school, we imagine Jesus as the smartest kid in the room (i.e., he had a learning shortcut) and the most dedicated! Oh, Jesus was the smartest and the most dedicated, why —  because it was easier. Huh?

Here are some historical and human realities for your consideration:

  • Honey and dates were available to sweeten bread.
    The man who multiplied loaves never tasted a doughnut (no refined sugar).
  • In the carpenter shop, piling boards and swinging mallets leads to crushed fingers.
    Jesus crushed his fingers, especially while he was learning the trade.
  • Friendship requires shared space and time and interests.
    Jesus passed time, entertaining and uninteresting time, with Lazarus and other friends.
  • When as many as 100,000 people descend on a city of 30,000, traffic bottlenecks.
    Jesus waited at Jerusalem’s gates and streets like bridge and tunnel commuters today.

By the way, there was a VIP entrance to Jerusalem. Jesus was not a VIP.

Life 2,000 years ago was not easier for Jesus.

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