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“Clerical privilege and everyday human experience”

Mar 28 2017 Published by under Experience Reconsidered,Telling the Story

30 days after the election of Pope Francis, a CNN blogger made this observation, “Whenever given the choice between clerical privilege and everyday human experience, he opts for the human.”**

It is a curious implication for one of Jesus’ followers, the gap between “clerical privilege” and “everyday human experience.”

“Clerical privilege” isn’t new. The culture of the ancient temple cultivated it, even the one in Jesus’ experience.

Jesus even told a story about loving one’s neighbor that contrasted the temple hierarchy with a looked-down-on foreigner (Luke 10).

Jesus himself: he rejected the choice and embraced everyday human experience. Yet clerical privilege persists.

Become better acquainted with Jesus’ everyday human experience. We invite you to follow this year to Easter withJesus.

** Michael D’Antonio, “One month in, Pope Francis is on the right track” <>, Date Accessed: April 13, 2013.

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