If this is the end, then I want . . .

Apr 08 2021

Jesus’ experience had its share of great deeds. Perhaps we could say overwhelming deeds.

So when we get to a statement like the final sentence of John’s Gospel, “Jesus did many other things” (John 21:24) we tend to generalize on the sensational; i.e. “Jesus performed many other miracles.”

At the writing of this post, my mom has been gone for two months. If I could spend just one more day with her, you know what I would like?

Really, what I would like is to talk with her at the breakfast table and drink a cup of coffee together.

For all the wonderful deeds my mom performed, the breakfast cup of coffee and conversation is what I would like with her if I could have one more hour.

Our humanity gets lost in the sensationalism of great deeds and large crowds. Jesus’ humanity gets lost. Frankly, if I’m Peter, I get my wish on the lakeshore (John 21:1).

Jesus returns and has breakfast with his friends. I can imagine them with fish juice dribbling down their fingers and beards, smiling, talking, enjoying one more morning together.

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