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MPD, not MPH

Jan 21 2018 Published by under Experience Reconsidered

We measure our speed on the highway in miles per hour. Jesus and his followers measured their speed in miles per day.

When we say, life moved more slowly, we mean that people and their stuff literally moved more slowly.

So how much more slowly? Best guess is about 12-15 miles walking per day. (A Roman courier on a horse was faster, of course.)

We get an idea of travel speed in Acts 10. The distance between Joppa and Caesarea was about thirty miles. Couriers left Caesarea and returned in a period of four days (Acts 10:30).

Time references are found in 10:33 (“immediately”) for the speed of the journey, and 10:23 for the halfway point. The couriers stayed overnight and then returned.

Two days there and two days back to cover a round trip of 60 miles. That’s 15 miles a day moving at a good pace.

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