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At the Intersection of Experience

Apr 16 2020 Published by under Experience Reconsidered

It happens all the time: friendships forged through shared experiences. . . teammates who compete together, colleagues who work together, classmates who study together, combatants who endure hardship together. We could go on and on.

SpendaYearwithJesus attempts to create a shared experience with someone who walked the earth a long time ago. Our tag-line is Connect with Jesus’ experience.

As we start our year withJesus, let us receive some encouragement from theologian Raymond Brown who invited his readers to enter into the world of the Gospel of John.

Brown offers three exhortations for those who wish to communicate Jesus’ experience.

1. Do not be afraid to use ingenuity in rendering Jesus’ story dramatically.
2. Do not domesticate … Jesus.
3. Do not be too sophisticated or abstract.**

Inspired by Brown’s recommendations, my desire is to communicate Jesus’ story experientially, dramatically, humanly, and concretely. I invite you to “Connect with Jesus’ experience” to enhance your relationship with Him, and in doing so affirm and strengthen experiences which build healthy relationships among all people of the world!

Daniel J. Pfeifer
Author and Founder

**R. E. Brown, “The Johannine World for Preachers,” Interpretation 43, no. 1 (1989): 64.

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Connect with Jesus’ Experience

Apr 15 2020 Published by under Telling the Story

One day in October at 8am, SpendaYearwithJesus will send this text-message:

Heads down, Jesus and disciples shuffle silently in shoulder-to-shoulder traffic up the stairs to the Men’s Court on Temple Mount.

I can’t think of anyone who enjoys getting stuck in traffic. And I haven’t met anyone (yet) who hasn’t been pleasantly surprised by the thought of Jesus getting stuck in traffic.

There is something life-changing about the intersection of Jesus’ experience with our experience.

Scratch that. Life-changing evokes images of inheriting unexpected millions. There is something day-impacting about the intersection of Jesus’ experience with our own.

Jesus’ life story reads like ours with meal-times, friendships, conflicts, and even getting stuck in traffic.

Pausing to reflect on Jesus’ experience can be a pleasant diversion. More importantly, it anchors our experience.

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