Tissot Painting
James Tissot (French, 1836-1902). Jesus Traveling, 1886-1894. Oil on board. Brooklyn Museum.

Fugue-Icons Calendar-Month Movement 08 Temple Tension & Withdrawal
  Patriots return to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah), a feast instituted to celebrate Jewish independence achieved 150 years before Jesus was born. Jesus takes the opportunity to offer commentary on leadership – the good shepherd. Sensing disparagement, the religious authorities become hostile. Jesus continues. the crowds grow hostile. Jesus withdraws to a remote place where John baptized almost three years before. People gather. Jesus teaches them. After a few weeks in the remote area, he tours Perea.
January Tebeth
Sun. 17 28 Rain. In the hut, Jesus and co relate vine growing to maturity, Tributary Pools, Jordan River Valley.
Mon. 18 29 Rain. Vine growing 101 continues. Note second pruning, Tributary Pools, Jordan River Valley.  
Tue. 19 30 Walking up the mtn road into Perea, Jordan River Valley to Transjordan Highlands.  
Wed. 20 01 New Moon. Pause travel for the holy-day, Transjordan Road.  
Thu. 21 02 Teaching. God's kingdom is near, Philadelphia & Perea in the Transjordan.  
Fri. 22 03 Rain. You can't tell God's people by who gets rain, Philadelphia & Perea in the Transjordan.  
Sat. 23 04 Sabbath. Light snow overnight. Exodus reading, Philadelphia & Perea in the Transjordan.