Tissot Painting
James Tissot (French, 1836-1902). The Washing of the Feet, 1886-1894. Oil on board. Brooklyn Museum.

Fugue-Icons Calendar-Month Movement 10 Epic End
  After weeks out of sight of the crowds, Jesus' disciples return to Galilee to retrieve their families before meeting their obligation to attend the Feast. Jesus joins them on the road to Jerusalem. Along the way, Jesus heals some blind men and inspires a tax collector to generous living. Among the festive crowd, hope swells. At this, the religious authorities must take decisive action to maintain their balance of power, but Jesus has the last word.
April Nisan
Sun. 05 09 Jesus rides a donkey to the city through cheering crowds, Jerusalem. sign-in
Mon. 06 10 Jesus' temper fully visible in the temple, Jerusalem.  
Tue. 07 11 Teaching at the temple. Discussion is lively and hostile, Temple Courts, Jerusalem.  
Wed. 08 12 A tense but uneventful teaching day. The betrayer waits, Jerusalem.  
Thu. 09 13 Day before Passover. Last supper at an undisclosed location. Night arrest, Jerusalem.
Fri. 10 14 Passover. Jesus' trial escalates to Roman court and Roman-style execution, Jerusalem.  
Sat. 11 15 Sabbath. Feast of Unleavened Bread begins. Jesus' disciples hide, Jerusalem.