Tissot Painting
James Tissot (French, 1836-1902). Jesus Traveling, 1886-1894. Oil on board. Brooklyn Museum.

Fugue-Icons Calendar-Month Movement 06 Judean Teaching Tour
  The early rains soften the field for the plow. Jesus sends seventy heralds “ahead of him” into Judea and Perea to towns he intended to visit. He moves his home base to Bethany, a Jerusalem suburb, by the invitation of sisters Mary and Martha, and their brother Lazarus. Jesus travels to communities south and east of Jerusalem following the paths of the seventy. Farmers scatter wheat and barley seed and wait for latter rain.
November Marchshevan
Sun. 10 10 Walking with the 72-team to their host in Beersheba , Judea, South. sign-in
Mon. 11 11 Jesus teaches: I am the door of the sheep pen, Beersheba, Judea.  
Tue. 12 12 Teaching and pause to eat bread, cheese, goat's milk, Beersheba, Judea.
Wed. 13 13 Jesus teaches: I lay down my life for the sheep, Beersheba, Judea.  
Thu. 14 14 A larger crowd gathers to hear Jesus talk about herding sheep, Beersheba, Judea.  
Fri. 15 15 Jesus host asks him to stay for Sabbath. Continues teaching, Beersheba, Judea.  
Sat. 16 16 Sabbath. Small group gathers. Reading about Abraham, Beersheba, Judea.